The Monkeybars of Life - A Novel by Ted Pittman

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What happens to a young man, who has The Right Stuff, but never fulfills his dream of becoming an astronaut? 

Nate LaChae learned to survive the ghetto streets and successfully competed in technical areas while in High School. His experiments revealed talents that amaze his fellow students and teachers. He attends school only to get information for his projects, which include: rockets, ESP, and computer programs to beat the race tracks and lotto.

Scarred by a tragic marriage and breakup, he begins an odyssey of relationships and jobs where the love and success he craves eludes him repeatedly. Spurred on by his dream of inventing a gravity-engine, Nate seeks employment with companies that have the tools and equipment he needs for his projects. His work draws the secret attention of more than one government.

He works in many European countries and makes friends everywhere he goes. During one three-year stint outside the U.S., he meets an inventor who has independently duplicated experiments Nate conducted years before. This reignites Nate's determination to perfect his engine, which has powers beyond his comprehension.

Returning to the U.S.A. Nate attempts to reconnect with his adult children and fulfill his dream of climbing The Monkey Bars of Life.


Book available in July, 2009.