Chapter Synopsis

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                                       ( Like 10 books in one )
1. Zemit Radio
$25,000 Award - Nate and Reggie modify the machine they use at work.
Turf Project - Ernest DuPree teaches how to win at the Race Track.

2. Lorrell Systems
Nobel Prize - Bill says Nate should get the prize, regardless of his credentials.
What's a Viatron - Nate struggles to get his hands on a microcomputer.
Seeing isn't Believing - Nate demonstrates his engine to a skeptic.

3. Nationtech Computer Company
Mainframes - Nate gets access to the biggest, most powerful, computers.
By any means necessary - How far will Nate and Bill go to succeed?
Pendulum Test - Will the engine pass its ultimate test?

4. Searian Medical
Ready Made Family - Can Nate really have a family again?
Spinal Cancer - It's more than a job when Motherdear gets sick.
Telepathy - Is it latent ESP abilities or imagination?

5. MicroStep Corporation
Santa's Workshop - Brandon visits the real Santa's workshop.
Not Dad too - Both Nate's parents in the hospital at once.
Simon Says - Can Nate's artificial intelligence program really think?

6. Shirotronics
General Patton - Nate's war-gaming strategy vs. his former nemesis.
Sweet Revenge - Opportunity + motivation + authority = success.

7. New York City
Numbers Project - Lotto can't be beat, or can it?
Cervaza Kings - Teenage social clubs are not, necessarily, gangs.
Harmonic Convergence - Can it heal the planet and Nate?s soul?

8. Kyle Measurement Systems - US
The Fire This Time - Can Nate escape his, old-school, street ways?
Nuclear Weapons - Nate comes face to face with physical evil.
A Flying Saucer - Does Lena's dream predict their future?

9. Kyle Measurement Systems - UK
Criminals or Heroes - Nate shows Brandon what his life's choices are.
Haunted House - Spending the night near a WW2 concentration camp.
Transitions - Where have all the men gone?

10. Macgillan Research
That's my Engine - Nate meets his inventive double in Scotland.
Political Campaign - Lena wants to help the next U.S. president.
Mount Whitney - His last chance to climb mountains again.
Devil Made Me Do It - What if evil exist, separate from the body?
We Will Appeal - Nate fights to save his youngest son.
Simon & Gamma-Max - Can Nate fulfill his destiny?