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Fiction has become reality; the Gamma Drive has been patented: US 10482790 B1


To all my readers:

So many of you have raised questions about events and characters in The Monkeybars of Life that I am writing a sequel. I promise all your questions will be answered.

     What happened to Nate?

     Why did F.B.I. agent Taggart pursue Nate?

     Why did Mossad agent Striesand protect Nate?

     What happened when Nate's son, Daniel, was released from jail?

     What message did Nate's mother give to his Aunt Lil ?

     What secret profession did Marco Messina have?

     Can destiny bring Nate and Beatrice back together?

     What secret has Nate's son, Malcolm, kept from everyone?

     Can Nate be overcome by another's psychic power?

     What happens to Nate's dream of living Upstate New York?

     Can Nate build relationships with his grown children?

     The Wedding of the Year.

     The secret of the African safari.

     Can Mario divert Nate from a tragedy bigger than the '94 earthquake?



Updated February 24, 2012

Updated February 23, 2012